A spirited mix of music & memoir. I Shuffle 🔀 my Spotify Liked Songs playlist (55,000+) every so often, then write ✍️ how the song 🎶 seems to Synchronize ✨ with my life.
"I Release" by Beautiful Chorus - 05/17/22
Guest Post by Swarnali Mukherjee (Berkana) + "Yes Sir, No Sir" by The Kinks - 05/05/22
"Calcio Samba" by Daniela Casa - 04/27/22
Guest Post by Jesse Meadows (Sluggish) + "Your Protector" by Fleet Foxes - 04/21/22
"Let Me Into Your Life" by Bill Withers - 04/05/22
Guest Post by Rebecca Davey (Observables) + “They Put a Body in the Bayou” by The Orwells - 03/31/22
"Donda Chat" by Kanye West - 03/26/22
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