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Hey! Do you love music? Yes? I do, too!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the perfect song seems to come on to soundtrack what’s going on in your life? Yes? Me, too!

Every day I wake up and Shuffle my Spotify Liked Songs playlist (over 36,000 and counting), then write about how the song Synchronizes with my life and maybe yours.

I think you’ll like it because you’ll learn about new music or remember old songs, get a vibe about how their lyrics or sounds speak to what’s going on with me personally, kind of like memoir or the blogs of old.

But also universally, I’ll be framing the songs in terms of themes like spirituality and self-help; mental health and bipolar disorder; books, movies, TV, and art; gender and sexuality; love and relationships; family and friends; politics and history; psychology and philosophy; sports and the Internet; food and fashion; as well as the Enneagram, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, and other esoterica; other music, of course; and more.

Now including guest posts from the likes of writers such as Flagging Down the Double E's (Ray Padgett), @depthsofwikipedia (Annie Rauwerda), Kiana Fitzgerald, Joey Power, @theworstpoet (Dimitri Karakostas), Caroline Rothstein, Chris Cole, Bridey Elliott, Cadence Weapon (Rollie Pemberton), Jay Michaelson, Leon Langford, Paul Wilner, and more to come.

Check out the running playlist to get a sense of the taste.

Who am I?

Dave Cowen. DIY writer. Published in The New Yorker and McSweeney's. Books featured in The NY Times. https://linktr.ee/davecowen.

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