Shuffle Synchronicities 250

"It Gets More Blue" by Girlpool - 09/24/21

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“It Gets More Blue” by Girlpool

Yesterday I went to guest poster and reader of the Shuffle Ethan Lipsitz’s event on the app Bright about going through the death cycle, which he wrote a bit about in his post earlier this month.

Ethan’s work details 6 phases of the death cycle.


Ethan had mentioned in his work, that death is not just bodily, it is also relationships, like friendships and business partnerships and marriages.

This song, from Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad’s Los Angeles band, Girlpool, feels like it’s about the permission to let go of a relationship that is no longer serving the singer well.

You make him the sun
You wanted that poison
And bit the gun

You know it don't say much
The things that he did
You'll build him a tower
He'll burn you a bridge

Which is something I also worked on in my therapy session this morning before shuffling.

After two years in Phase 3 of Moving Through Grief according to Ethan’s work, I’d like to move to Phase 4 of Permission To Let Go.

I wish I could say that this Girlpool song ends with such a turn for its character:

And I'm still here
I'm always digging in trash
I can hear the train
As it moves past

But there are other songs in their catalogue where their characters do.

For instance:

“Cherry Picking” by Girlpool

And when it all is over
When you are there and I am here

Truth is that I am working
For myself and only me

As The Fader's Shaad D'Souza wrote: "Girlpool write songs about change, and the things we gain or leave behind when moving from one part of life to another."

Or in GIF form:

Okay, that’s the two hundred and fiftieth Shuffle Synchronicities.