Shuffle Synchronicities 259

"Over Theirs" by Wire - 10/03/21

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"Over Theirs" by Wire

This song is from The Ideal Copy, the fourth studio album by the English rock group Wire. It was the first full-length recording following the band's hiatus of 1980–1985.

Wire had used electronic instruments on the albums Chairs Missing and 154, but following their hiatus, Wire more openly embraced the use of sequencers, synthesizers, and drum machines.

This prompted music critics to compare The Ideal Copy to groups such as New Order.

But others, like Richard Grabel, pointed out that "New Order and any number of other synths-and-guitars bands took cues from late-70s Wire," suggesting that "things [had] come full circle."

I went on a date with someone new this morning.

She’s a production designer for comedy TV shows and movies.

We played tennis then went to get a sandwich at Proof Bakery then went to the Atwater Village Farmer’s Market.

She had a real live wire energy to her.

No pun was intended there with the word wire until realizing it on the edit.

I had dreamed right before the date that she came to the date drunk.

And soon enough we both realized we were both diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

And we talked about our experiences with manic episodes.

And I guess you could say live wire energies.

These Wire lyrics from the Shuffle song before the date came to mind:

Something snapped, over and over

Something burst, over and over

I can’t quite tell yet if we’re trauma bonded or actually interested in each other.

Or if my ability to understand what dating is itself is somehow occluded.

Or to quote another of the Wire lyrics:

Over and over, just below the skyline
Over and over, just out of sight

Or perhaps in GIF form:

Okay, that’s the two hundred and fifty-ninth Shuffle Synchronicities.